Our services

Nursery and kindergarten from 1 to 5 years

A participative and project-based pedagogy

For every child to take their place in today´s and tomorrow´s world, they should be able to take their own responsible initiatives, and also to be open to other´s differences. With participative methodology, and through projects developments, the education is centered on the children and on their own learning processes, in a spirit of team activity and co-construction.

Developing emotional connections

Our educators develop a respectful and caring relationship with your child, in a family-like atmosphere. This emotional connection, multiplied with other classmates, enables a naturally paced motricity and cognitive development.

English from the early ages

Many studies have proven that learning another language develops creativity and mental agility. It also opens to a larger cultural experience and better acceptance of others. And with a solid and natural English practice, your children will of course have more opportunities in the future.

Each Child Matters

We believe in inclusive education. Each child is different, and requires caring and professional attention, whatever their inspirations and their needs may be. And whenever needed, our educators work closely with parents and with designated therapists to support the children development.



Regular activity and assessment reports are sent by the teachers


Joint activities involving parents are implemented as often as possible, and we welcome ideas!


Simple and intuitive communication platform, to interact with the teacher and not miss the special moments of the little one.


The role of the ACTION in the development of the child´s knowledge is critical in the way a child apprehends what is around him. That is why, to enable the acquisition of a genuine knowledge, the child has to be given the opportunity to experiment, to act, to intervene. Thus the knowledge is built and not just learnt. And all this action-driven process requires to be inserted in a collective environment, so that the child does not remain solely focused on its own knowledge.

Following this principle, we plan all throughout the year many activities, in a dynamic and complementary way, to enable the children to develop their motricity, creativity, language, mathematics and logics, their knowledge of the world and their capacity to socialize.

Complementary and optional activities

Those activities aim at increasing the child’s knowledge and to develop its potential.

Some examples:

- Baby yoga

- Creative dance

- Chess

- Swimming

- Karaté