About us

Since 2003, Chapéu de Palha´s project has been contributing to the happy development of each child, thanks to our following pillars:


A specialized and experienced team.


Various educative spaces and classrooms, well-structured and equipped with adapted and high quality materials, to ensure safety and comfort.

Food and Hygiene

A meticulous food and cleaning planning.


A close connection and support with families.


All school operations follow pre-defined norms, that aim at simplifying and facilitating internal organization, at improving our services and at offering a more personalized service, while enabling the whole educative process that respects the characteristics, the interests and the personality of each and every child.

Our values

Throughout every aspect of our lives, we are guided by the following HEART values which we believe will make for your children happiness and success: Honesty, Respect, Openness, Responsibility

Pre-admissions and informations